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I love the act of painting.

I get like that sometimes in writing, but not as often as I do when I paint. Let the art speak for itself.

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People still want explanations in novels for some reason. Did your wife really die? Is that the same Owen in the book? Did you really move to Shanghai for a while? Try to read those poems outside of her sticking her head in an oven. Not who am I, but what am I. It seems more accurate.

In other words, to really see yourself, you might just have to not see yourself as a self.

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Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram. Yakich and his son Owen Room Why the notoriously tricky second person in this novel?

The Importance of Peeling Potatoes in Ukraine

Rm I heard you became an expert on second-person novels. Rm It was more … poetic? A bright black bird darts by.

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Fortunately the weather is nice. Since this installation opened, the weather has been dry and mild.

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Here Paul Slovak , the editor entrusted with overseeing the project since its inception, discusses what has held thus far for the series: The four books published to date in in the Penguin Poets program are indicative of the range and diversity of the series. Symphony in Three Movements 1. Lost in the Heart of the Concert I thread through the assembly between the rows of violins, the ritual bows rising and falling.

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I confess to the oboes, counsel with the wisdom of the flutes, linger in the church of the momentarily stilled tambourines and timpani. A quiver of lightning, Nothing to stop for. A large, well-lit, white-walled room. Waldrep G. Carrillo H. Hix H. Bernstein J.

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Allyn Rosser J. Hibbitts J.

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