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And you don't have to put up with the three thousand commercials that AMC stuck in when they showed it! Now, if we could only get a decent print of 'Fort Apache' and 'McLintock'! Guest More than 1 year ago I have searched and waited for this movie's release for years.

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Soon to be shown for the first time of television and now to be able to purchase it. An excellant movie and Jan Sterlings role was outstanding. The Duke comes through again. See it and enjoy it. Guest More than 1 year ago The Duke in a great role. The cast is superb.

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  • Aviation purists will notice a few flaws for instance the "point of no return" is mute flying from an Island to the mainland and the fact that they land downwind actually they might do this if fuel was critical. The travails of the passengers helped to build our interest in the humanity of the drama. The music will stay in your head for days even when you wish it wouldn't.

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    A classic you can watch time after time and each time you will see something you missed. Guest More than 1 year ago It's been a long wait for this classic to be released. Why has this taken an Act of Congress to yank this from the vault? The plot involves a night flight from Hawaii to San Francisco. An engine blows in mid flight and the pilot Robert Stack , having no place to set the plane down over the Pacific, and running desparately low on fuel, begins to emotionally unravel under the stress.

    Wayne is the co-pilot and finally takes charge of the plane in the nick of time and saves the day or should I say "night". I have given The High and the Mighty a 4 star rating as opposed to the expected 5 , because the only time that I have seen this movie was on t. Perhaps as a child of 10 I did not fully appreciate the more intricate plot and character developments than I was used to in the standard Walt Disney movies that graced my viewing pleasure at that period in my life.

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    Nevertheless, I do remember my father a die hard Duke fan watched it with me and we had a great evening together. I must have whistled that tune for a week afterwards! Anyway, I have waited impatiently for this movie to be released for many years now. John Wayne is, as usual, outstanding as the co-pilot hero! I recommend this movie to all Duke fans, as well as all fans who love a great suspense drama that will bring you to the edge of your seat.

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    This is a classic suspense thriller,one of the great disaster movies"and better than most". Ernest K. Gann brilliantly adapts his own novel,and Archie Stout's photography is gorgeous. Dimitri Tiomkin contributes one of the best scores ever composed for a movie that theme song is a classic! William Wellman's direction is perfect,and he gets marvelous performances from his cast.

    This is one of the best films of the Fifties.

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    I remember the wonderful ensemble cast and terrific performances. I would highly recommend this film to the viewing audience. John Wayne. Claire Trevor. Laraine Day. Robert Stack. Jan Sterling. Phil Harris. Robert Newton. David Brian. Paul Kelly. Sidney Blackmer. Julie Bishop.

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    John Howard. Wally Brown. William Campbell. Ann Doran. John Qualen. Paul Fix. George Chandler.

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    Joy Kim. Douglas Fowley. Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer. Robert Keys.

    William Hopper. William Schallert. Julie Mitchum. Doe Avedon. Karen Sharpe. John Smith. Mary was dedicated to a married man until he died, never caring about what people thought of their relationship, because their love was true and fulfilled needs that his wife could not meet. See Oscar Section. In Honlulu, a DC-4 airliner is about to take off for San Francisco with 17 passengers and a crew of 5. The captain, Sullivan Robert Stack , suffers from a fear of responsibility after spending enormous time looking after the lives of passengers and crew.

    Flight attendant Spalding Doe Avedon attends her passengers, each with personal problems, and befriends the terminally ill Frank Briscoe Paul Fix after being charmed by his pocket watch. A last minute arrival, Humphrey Agnew Sidney Blackmer causes her misgivings by his strange behavior. After a routine departure, the plane experiences sudden vibrations, but the crew cannot locate the problem.

    When a vibration causes Spalding to burn her hand, Dan inspects the tail compartment but finds nothing amiss. The men struggle and Agnew pulls out a gun, intending to shoot Childs, but the plane swerves violently when it loses a propeller and the engine catches fire. The crew extinguishes the fire, but the engine has twisted off its mounting. In mid-ocean, the crew asks for help and sets in motion a rescue operation.

    Dan discovers that the airliner is losing fuel from damage to a wing tank. Along with winds and the damaged engine, the plane will eventually run out of fuel and be forced to ditch.

    Gustave Pardee Robert Newton , who had fear of flying, inspires calm in his terrified fellow passengers.